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For faster service, please text Bruce at 904-504-1090 to schedule your ride.

Airport Ride Service makes it simple to request a ride; follow our super simple booking directions and we will follow up with a confirmation. Give us as much information as possible in the details box. Examples: Pickup location, Destination location, Specific pickup time, Number of passengers, and/or Baggage requirements. Giving us the details about your ride will help us schedule the ride faster and save you time answering questions later!


Choose date on the calendar below


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Please call or text us at 904-504-1090 for availability.

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Detailed Scheduling Steps

Step 1

Click or touch any date on the calendar above, to navigate to future months, simply click or touch on the arrows at the top right of the calendar. If you navigate too far into the future, you can navigate back by clicking or touching the back arrows on the top left of the calendar. You can also just reload the page by clicking or touching Booking in the main menu. Please note; if you reload the page, you may lose information already entered into the form below the calendar. 

Step 2

Enter into the form the required information for your ride. Required information is your First and Last name, your email address, and your phone number. We request that you also give us as many details about your ride as possible in the “details” box, this would be any special requirements, requests or considerations, but also things like the location of your pickup, your destination, number of passengers, baggage space requirements and so on. The more information about your ride you can give us now the less questions we’ll have to ask you later, it saves you time. 

Step 3

Choose a time slot for your pickup, time slots are based on 2 hour windows, but you can tell us your specific pick up time in the details box. We use time slots to plan our ride availability, and it in no way limits your ride. We simply need to know an approximant time frame window and this makes it fast and easy for you.

Step 4

Click the “Request A Ride” button, then sit back and relax. Your request will be sent directly to our owner who will confirm or decline the ride request. You will receive an immediate email, to the address you provide in the form, and any follow up communication will be to that same email address. We may phone you directly if we have questions, or to confirm information. Sit back, Relax,  Kick your legs up, you deserve it because you just mastered the ride service booking form! You are a Rockstar and we’ll treat you as one too!

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